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The main travel dates to the Global Gathering are as follows

Arrive Bali: Friday 14 July 2023
Depart Bali: Sunday 16 July 2023

This may vary depending on flight schedules from your nation.

Flight Information & Contacts

Return group flights are included for all attendees. Each region is managing their own flight allocations.

Please note: To travel to Bali you will need at least 6 months validity on your passport from the date you arrive back in your home country.

Australia/New Zealand:

Instructions are included on the registration site and you will be required to select your flights during the registration process. To view Australian flight options and information, please click here. To view New Zealand flight options and information, please click here. Once you have registered, should you need further information or need to make changes to your flights, please email the Australia/New Zealand contact below.

Americas and South Africa:

A link to book your flights will be available during the registration process. It will also be found on the registration summary emailed to you once you have registered.

For USA/Canada, you can view your flight options by clicking here.


Once you complete the registration process, you will be allocated and booked onto flights. To view the flights and information, please click here.

Other Nations:

Please contact your region's Flight Manager at the email listed below to arrange your flights. Once your flights have been booked and confirmed, you will need to upload them into your registration via  a link on your Registration Summary.  

Other nations not listed below – please contact your country Flight Manager for any queries.



   AMERICAS    fctgevents@us.fcm.travel
   ASIA    greg.watson@sg.fcm.travel





   UAE    sunil.gauniyal@ae.fcm.travel




Travel Insurance

Where applicable, FCTG attendees will be covered for Travel Insurance for the period of the GG Event.   

This will be either via a Company policy or via individual travel policies and will vary from country to country.  Details on your Travel Insurance will be provided prior to departure but if you have any questions in the meantime, please contact your local Flight Manager above.   

Helpful Links to Australia / New Zealand Travel Insurance Information:

The Covermore FCTG (AU/NZ) policy covers some pre-existing medical conditions, it is your responsibility to check if a medical condition is covered under the FCTG policy.  Any questions relating to medical conditions or if you require additional cover please follow the process outlined in the FCTG Staff Business Travel document or contact the following: