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Flight Information for Asia


Group Flights

This year for the event there are THREE group blocks departing from either Singapore or Shanghai Airports.  If you are flying from any other city that is not listed, please select OTHER AIRPORT in the registration process and the GG team will book your flight as required. 

Group Blocks are ECONOMY class only, there are no group seats in premium economy or business class. 
Due to peak season in Europe group blocks are return flights only i.e cannot book one direction flight from group blocks.

For flight FAQ's click here.

Deviations from Group Blocks / Changes to Group Blocks  

There are no changes permitted to Group Flights, if you would like to travel on different dates, please select OWN ARRANGEMENT in the flight selection.

Extensions may be granted on an exception basis only, as business needs will be considered. These requests will need to be approved by ATF/GM. There will be a budget allowance and any cost over the budget will be personally funded by the delegate. 

If approved for Own Arrangement, you will only have two (2) nights' accommodation covered over the main event dates, additional nights' accommodation will be personally funded.

Delegates must have full travel insurance coverage for their travel dates, additional coverage for pre/post travel will be personally funded, the business will arrange travel insurance for the event main dates. 

You will not be reimbursed for flights if you book and ticket your own booking through another channel without approval. Approval is required from globalgathering@sg.fcm.travel.


Regional connections

Regional connecting flights will be booked for those travelling from other ports. If accommodation is required at an airport, the GG Air Team will manage this.


Seating and Frequent Flyer Memberships  

The GG Air team can manage these requests, you can provide the information in the registration process.

For preferred seating where payment is required you will need to manage this directly on the airline's website via Manage Booking, charges may apply. 


Changes to bookings after registration

Changes are NOT permitted after your registration has been completed.

Changes to Group Blocks AFTER departure are NOT permitted.


Please click here for details of all Asia flight group blocks

If you are you departing from another port not listed, you will have the opportunity during registration to advise your flight requirements by selecting “Other Airport”.


If you have any other questions, please contact your local Global Gathering Team via email on globalgathering@sg.fcm.travel.

Good luck for the coming months and congratulations if you have already qualified to attend!