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Flight Information for Europe

Travel dates to The Global Gathering are as follows:

Arrive Lisbon: Friday 12 July
Depart Lisbon: Sunday 14 July 

Booking and Approval Process

Flights for Global Gathering are managed by the UK FCM Groups Team. During the registration process you will need to provide the following information:

  • Preferred airport to depart and return to
  • Travel dates
  • Preferred travel times (must arrive in Lisbon by 4pm Friday 12th July)
  • Any other information the team will need to book your flights to Lisbon 

Travel is ECONOMY Class only. 

You will not be reimbursed for flights if you book and ticket your own booking through another channel without approval. Approval is required from the Global Gathering team.

Seating, Meals and Frequent Flyer Memberships

The GG Air team can manage these requests, you can provide the information in the registration process. For preferred seating where payment is required you will need to manage this directly on the airline's website via Manage Booking.

Changes to Bookings After Registration

Changes are NOT permitted after your registration has been completed.  Changes post ticketing may be permitted, airline fees, additional taxes and any fare difference will need to be personally paid by credit card to the FCM Groups team. 

If you have any other questions, please contact your local Global Gathering Team via email on FCMgrouptravel@uk.fcm.travel.

Good luck for the coming months and congratulations if you have already qualified to attend!