We have an exclusive group of incredible sponsors who support all of our global independent markets.


We know you’re the experts and Icons is a reward, so we promise there won’t be hours of PowerPoint slides. However, we want to offer you the option to ask our sponsors questions you believe will help you sell and/or understand their product better. Each day during happy hour, we’ll take 5-10 minutes to give a couple of our sponsors the floor.

What’s the most exciting thing you’ve experienced on one of your tours?

What are you doing to make your product more inclusive and sustainable?

Any sneaky celebrity stories you can share?

As long as it’s professional, you can ask anything!

You’ll have the opportunity to enter your questions during registration, so have a look at the sponsor pages and start thinking about what you’d really like to know.

These are our top tier sponsors who will have a representative on board with us and some surprises or special events along our journey.

These sponsors will also have a representative on board and time to answer some of your expert questions during happy hour each night.

These sponsors could not join us on board this year, but wanted to show their commitment to honouring and rewarding our Independent Icons. They’ll be sharing a message of support and also have an opportunity to answer questions.